Historic Neighborhoods & Other Communities With Homes for Sale in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Summary of Indianapolis Historic Districts & Other Communities With Homes for Sale

Arsenal Heights Historic District

Arsenal Heights

The southeastern portion of the Holy Cross district, bordered by the streets of New York, Washington, Oriental, and State, is also a historic district in its own right: Arsenal Heights.
Bates Hendricks Historic District


Bates-Hendricks Neighborhood is located on the south side of Downtown Indianapolis with an active and vibrant group of homeowners making great strides to improve their community. The neighborhood is named after the historic Bates-Hendricks House and offers affordable housing opportunities.
Butler Tarkington Historic District

Broad Ripple

The Broad Ripple Village boasts diverse and unique venues for eating, entertainment, and shopping - all within easy walking distance. This neighborhood offers a lively mix of bars and clubs, as well as art galleries, restaurants and shopping. Over the past decade, "Broad Ripple bungalows...
Butler Tarkington Historic District

Butler Tarkington

The Butler-Tarkington area encases Butler University just north of Downtown Indianapolis offering a small town college feel near the heart of a big city. The name is derived from Butler University and the Pulitzer Prize winning author, Booth Tarkington.
Chatham Arch Historic District

Chatham Arch

Chatham Arch historic district is located just northeast of Downtown Indianapolis near the I70 & I65 interchange with a good mix of historic buildings and newer homes. The neighborhood has a voluntary neighborhood association with support from the local residence as well as local...
Cole Noble Historic District

Cole Noble

Homes in Cole Noble District is located directly east of Downtown Indy between Washington and Miami Street. The district is named after Joseph J. Cole, one of the first car manufacturers in the early 1900's, and is presently a mix of condominiums, apartments and small businesses such as...
Cottage Homes Historic District

Cottage Home

Cottage Home Neighborhood, named for the Victorian, cottage style homes that make up the majority of the residences, sits just east of Downtown Indianapolis outside of I70. A fun community well known for its annual Block Party in the fall that is open to the public.
Fall Creek Place Historic District

Fall Creek Place

Fall Creek Place is a recently revitalized community on the north side of Downtown Indy with Fall Creek River forming its northern border. New amenities and parks as well as residential construction compliment the restored historic homes in the neighborhood.
Fletcher-Place Historic District

Fletcher Place

Located south east of Downtown Indy with Virginia Avenue running through the center is Fletcher Place. Named after Calvin Fletcher, Sr. who originally owned the land as a farm in the early 1800's, now boasts a good variety of single family homes, condominiums and small, independent businesses.
Forest Hills Historic District

Forest Hills

Forest Hills lies just south of Broad Ripple near College Avenue and Kessler Boulevard. The area is known for unique and impressive architecture as well as an involved community. A great location allows easy access to parks and trails as well as a short drive to Downtown Indy and Castleton.
Fountain Square Historic District

Fountain Square

Fountain Square is situated south east of Downtown Indy with I70 separating it from Fletcher Place. Known as an arts district in Indianapolis, residents of Fountain Square love the vintage shops, vibrant art scene and the young professionals and artists that call it home.
Garfield Park

Garfield Park

On Indy's south side, bordered by White River and I-70, sits the Garfield Park neighborhood. Its namesake park is the oldest in the city and easily one of the most beautiful, with a 10,000-square-foot Conservatory that provides a year-round home to tropical plants from around the world.
Herron Morton Place Historic District

Herron-Morton Place

Herron-Morton Place Historic District is located directly north of Downtown Indianapolis just east of the Methodist Hospital Complex. Originally used as the State Fair location as well as a prisoner of war camp during the Civil War, Herron-Morton Place is now a strong residential neighborhood with...
Holy Cross Historic District

Holy Cross

Holy Cross sits outside of I70 on the east side of Downtown Indy and is known for its distinguished single family homes. A great place to keep you close to the Downtown atmosphere without giving up the small community charm.
Homecroft Historic District

Homecroft Historic District

In the early 20th century, thanks to the automobile and reliable public transportation, Indianapolis residents started moving further and further from the city center. One popular place to settle was Homecroft, just a few miles south of downtown...
Irvington Historic District


Irvington is located on the East side of Indianapolis inside the 465 loop with Washington Street running through its core. Beautiful, historic homes dominate the landscape with price ranges to fit any budget and their own development organization is always looking to improve community.
Little Flower Historic District

Little Flower Neighborhood

Named after the Little Flower Catholic Church, Little Flower is a small community on the near east side near Irvington. Affordable housing and local businesses make this a great walking community in Downtown Indy
Lockerbie Square Historic District

Lockerbie Square

Lockerbie Square was the first district in Indianapolis to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Located just east of Downtown, Lockerbie offer historic single family homes as well as impressive repurposed condos. Take the walking tour and admire the history of our great city.
Mapleton Fall Creek Historic District

Mapleton-Fall Creek

Mapleton-Fall Creek is a large, historic neighborhood with Fall Creek forming its south-eastern border and Meridian and 38th street lining the west and north. Conveniently located between Downtown Indy and Broad Ripple gives the residents plenty of opportunities for entertainment and employment.
Mass Ave Historic District

Mass Ave

Short for Massachusetts Avenue, this Indy Hot Spot is known for its great restaurant scene and high-end condo living in addition to being the home of some historic sites in town. Located northeast of Downtown on Mass Ave between Delaware St. and 10th St.
Meridian Park Historic District

Meridian Park

Located north of Downtown Indianapolis and just East of the Indianapolis Children's Museum sits Meridian Park Neighborhood. One of the original suburbs of Indianapolis, Meridian Park was known for having the finest residence and is still desirable today with its turn of the century architecture.
Mile Square Historic District

Mile Square

Though Indianapolis may be better known as the Circle City, the downtown area started out simply as Mile Square. Surveyor Alexander Ralston was commissioned in 1821 to design the plat of land between North, South, East, and West Streets.
North Meridian Street Historic District

North Meridian

Along the western edge of the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood, running from 40th Street to Westfield Boulevard, sit some of the most beautiful historic homes in Indianapolis. North Meridian may be small, but its homeowners are actively passionate about the community.
Northwest Kessler Street Historic District

Northwest Kessler Street Historic District

Between the Broadmoor Country Club and Saddlebrook Golf Course, bound on the north and south by 56th and 48th Streets, sits Northwest Kessler. The area has a strong suburban feel and features a number of midcentury ranch-style homes.
Old Northside Historic District

Old Northside

Old Northside Historic District is located on the north side of I-65 in between Mass Ave and Herron-Morton Place. This area has been revitalized since the late 1970's after a period of decline following World War I, with many of the Victorian and Queen Anne homes renovated and new structures staying true to the historic feel of the area.
Oliver-Johnsons-Woods Historic District


Bordered by 44th and 46th Streets and Central and College Avenues, Oliver Johnson's Woods may be small, but it packs a lot of history. The farmhouse Oliver Johnson built in 1862 still stands today, although it now faces Park Avenue rather than Central.
Ransom Place Historic District

Ransom Place

Ransom Place is situated just north of IUPUI near West and 10th Streets with White River Canal directly to the East. This little neighborhood features many Queen Anne style cottages and was named after the Ransom Family and more specifically Freeman Ransom, a prominent attorney that resided in the area in the early 1900's.
St. Clair Place Historic District

St. Clair Place

St. Clair is located north east of Downtown Indy between Rural and Tecumseh and has had some major developments take place. A great location to find new, affordable homes in the downtown area as well as existing homes that have been revitalized.
St. Joseph Historic District

St. Joseph

St Joe sits comfortably north of Downtown Indianapolis with I-65 forming its northern border. You can find several newly built homes as well as affordable condo living with a plethora of things to do nearby.
Woodrugg Place Historic District

Woodruff Place

Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972, Woodruff is known for its neo-Jacobean and Eastlake style homes just east of Arsenal Technical High School. Many fountains and statues decorate the area adding to the aesthetics of Downtown Indy.